Is Viktor Crysworth a criminal, or not? The ropes are entirely in the hands of Agustin Graysen.



Management Information Systems Advanced Research Facility (MISADREF) is a Turkish scientific research and project development facility.

The expansion of MISADREF is the Management Information Systems Advanced Research Facility. Under the leadership of our Founder Burak Bahar; it was created thanks to the stable contributions of İrem Bahar, Mustafa Alparslan Gürlek, Tuncay Özdemir, Deniz Utku Akın, Yusuf Evez, Gökdan Yüksek, Darren Curtis, Eric Matyas, Uğraş Kelebek, Mete Özçörekçi, Uğur Bozdoğanlı and especially Heves Bozbağ. Since 2018, as the “Official Developer” of Steam, the world’s largest game platform, it continues to spread to the global game world from all sides. At the same time, MISADREF shoots short films and provides project development support. Everyone in our organization is a “minimum” university graduate and specialized in their field.

Viktor Crysworth In-Game Trailer (4K Ultra HD)
Viktor Crysworth – “I Will Find You” Announcement Trailer (4K Ultra HD)
Burak Bahar’s Unseen Anchor – “Lost World” Official Trailer (1440P HD)