About Us

The establishment principle of MISADREF can be summarized in two articles:

  1. Scientifically research, promote and disseminate everything that can make people think, adhering to the “Best Quality Content” (DAST) value,
  2. To develop strategic partnerships around the world with the stable support of Turkish and our expert team, and to create the world’s largest project development facility in direct proportion.

The strategies it creates on the value of “Top Quality Content” are managed by “Collaboration Approach” since it is prepared democratically (by including subordinates who are in charge at the key point) and realized.

The “Top Quality Content” created by our Founder Burak Bahar was created on the basis that the Turkish Language Society (formerly knowns as the Turkish Language Research Society), which was established on 12 July 1932, has been working on two main axes (1. To make researches on Turkish language, 2. Finding solutions by dealing with current problems of Turkish language) and consists of four stages:

  1. Language: Projects created by people living in different parts of world and speaking different dialects of Turkish need the stable support of Turkish in order to change the world and achieve lasting success in this direction.
  2. Belonging: How many souls and how many bodies join; the more it feels, the more “owned” it is. Success chart; it is directly proportional to the level of ownership of the creator’s current project.
  3. Strategy: Sometimes projects fill their friendship with the values of frienship and trust brought with compassion and compassion because they cannot find enough support. Sometimes, efforts in the process of embodying projects create joys, and efforts in closing processes create sorrows. It should be known that strategy is always at the top of all these great feelings. The strategy is the supreme, most miraculous technique required by successful bodies to embody projects.
  4. Technology: Undoubtedly, the biggest and most powerful way that successful projects are based on is algorithm. A project whose start and end status is defined before it starts is deemed to have reached its goal.

MISADREF, which was derived by Burak Bahar to add more value to Turkish on the global platform and has not yet entered the Great Turkish Dictionary, has been announced as the Management Information Systems Advanced Research Facility.

The Turkish Language Society explained that the words produced or derived by persons/institutions were not included in the dictionary. Taking the word “MISADREF” into the Great Turkish Dictionary depends on the adoption and use of the word by our people and its settlement in our language.

The expansion of MISADREF is the Management Information Systems Advanced Research Facility. Under the leadership of our Founder Burak Bahar; it was created thanks to the stable contributions of İrem Bahar, Mustafa Alparslan Gürlek, Tuncay Özdemir, Deniz Utku Akın, Yusuf Evez, Gökdan Yüksek, Darren Curtis, Eric Matyas, Uğraş Kelebek, Mete Özçörekçi and especially Heves Bozbağ. Since 2018, as the “Official Developer” of Steam, the world’s largest game platform, it continues to spread to the global game world from all sides. At the same time, MISADREF shoots short films and provides project development support. Everyone in our organization is a “minimum” university graduate and specialized in their field.

All “team members” are subject to the terms and conditions set out in the “MISADREF Advanced Research Regulation”.